Review Sharkoon Light 2 S Mouse: Super Lightweight Budget

Sharkoon Light 2 S Gaming Mouse Review – In this page, we’re taking a look at sharkoon’s latest and greatest in terms of lightweight gaming technology. This is as you can probably see already the Sharkoon Light S2 now, this is actually a somewhat cut down version of their fully fledged gaming mouse which has a few additional greater features but this one is really good.


It is a very lightweight 78 grams and comes in a really gamer friendly price of around about 25 pounds which is actually pretty decent specification wise even though this is a budget mouse they haven’t skimped on features, so we’re rocking a pixar paw 3327 gaming sensor with up to 6200 cpi we’ve also got a selection of omron switches for the main clicky switches and also some piranha switches.

Side Buttons

For the side buttons we’ve got eight programmable buttons and we’ve got some pure 100 ptfe feet and also some replacements included in the box should you wish to take them off or should they get damaged in excessive gaming, so let’s take a look at the packaging and we’ll go through the unboxing process also go through the mouse the specifications etc.


It is a fully ambidextrous mouse so whether you’re left-handed or right-handed it shouldn’t make any difference and is suitable for pretty much most grip styles although. It does seem to be mostly for claw or palm so specification was as we can see from the box here so we’ve got RGB illumination which is pretty much a must in this household we’ve also got a super lightweight design and also there is a symmetrical design.

CPI or DPI Levels

So we’ve got a max dpi stroke CPI of 6200 a minimum of 200 a sensor which is optical from pixar, like we said the Paw3327 sensor rgb illumination thousand hertz polling rate, also we’ve got things on there like the honeycomb structure the mouse feet design weights etc all that kind of stuff so you can take a look at that in more detail for yourselves.

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Also this can be actually connected up with software so you can’t really change much of the settings actually on the mouse itself other than the dpi settings which are switchable through five default settings everything else is done. You can change obviously DPI settings your rgb settings which are relatively minimal also you can set up your own macros and all that kind of stuff.

Sharkoon Light 2 S Software

But essentially most people i think you’d be pretty much happy just plugging in and getting on with it if you do decide to use the software there are actually programmable profiles, i guess you’d call them and you can select up to five different profile which you can quite easily enable although again that is through software only. There isn’t any buttons on the mouse to actually enable you to do that.

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So that’s enough of the specifications let’s take a look at the mouse itself so as you can see when we take it out of the box you get the mouse itself which again in that ambidextrous style, actually i really like this it’s a really-really nice comfortable mouse you’ve got the honeycomb section there. So this makes it a little bit lightweight and unusual thing which even though this mouse has actually the ambidextrous design.

Source: Mike’s Unboxing.

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