Gigabyte M32U Gaming Monitor Review: 4K & HDMI 2.1

Gigabyte M32U Gaming Monitor Review – In this page we’ll be doing a review of the Gigabyte M32U, we’ll be evaluating it on our standardized test bench to see how it performs and if you should buy it this monitor is one of the latest additions to gigabytes m series of gaming monitors designed with both gaming and productivity in mind.


This model is a 32 inch 4k display with a 144hz refresh rate and a built-in kvm switch it also has a few other extra features which we’ll talk about in the review the M32U has a somewhat understated design without any features that would, give it a more gamer oriented look the stand supports the monitor well but is pretty large due to the monitor size.

So it takes up quite a bit of desk space there’s a gap in the back of the stand for more basic cable management which is nice, it does offer decent ergonomics but if you don’t want to use the stand the m32u has a quick release at the back which covers the standard vasa wall mount there’s a pretty wide range of inputs with two hdmi ports a displayport and a USB-C port, the hdmi ports are both hdmi 2.1.


However they only support 24 gigabits per second of bandwidth they are able to achieve the higher bandwidth requirements of HDMI 2.1 by utilizing display stream compression or dsc 1.2 a this won’t be an issue if you’re using a modern graphics card or an xbox series x since. They both support this feature, if you do plan on using it with a ps5 do note that the ps5 does not currently support DSC 1.2a.

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So if you want to take advantage of gaming at 4k 120 hertz on the ps5 you’ll be limited to 420 chroma subsampling. The M32U also features a built-in keyboard video mouse switch this allows you to connect one keyboard and mouse setup to two different devices through one monitor just make sure one of your devices supports displayport alt mode through USB-C, then you’ll be able to switch both the video source and upstream between two devices.


Now let’s take a look at the tests we’ll start with the contrast a high contrast ratio is important if you use the monitor in the dark for deep dark scenes, like most monitors this one has an ips type panel this has some trade-offs. Which we’ll talk about in the review but the major downside is a mediocre contrast ratio and the M32U is no exception local dimming is a feature that controls the brightness of individual zones of the backlight.

This allows for much deeper dark scenes in things like video games as the area of dark objects can be further darkened as a result, the overall contrast can be boosted this monitor does have a local dimming feature but, it’s pretty terrible since this is an edge-lit display the dimming zones span the entire height of the display which makes zone transitions very distracting and creates a lot of blooming around smaller bright objects in a dark scene.


Do note that enabling local dimming does lock your brightness at maximum and enables the dynamic contrast ratio or DCR which noticeably changes the gamma curve now a height peak brightness is important either in a bright room to counteract glare or if you want brighter highlights and a more impactful image especially in high dynamic range or HDR games.

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This monitor gets fairly bright in sdr content which is good for when you’re using the monitor in a moderately. The well-lit room although it does get even brighter in hdr it’s still not quite bright enough and the contrast ratio is not high enough to give a true cinematic experience, the local dimming feature does help to make highlights pop more but does very little to help improve the contrast also important for a bright room is good reflection handling.

Screen Ratio

The M32U has a hazy screen coating that helps to diffuse reflections and reduce their intensity overall bright room shouldn’t be an issue at all thanks to the good brightness and decent reflection handling a potential downside of a hazy coating is if it causes smaller details like text to appear grainy text clarity is also impacted by a bunch of factors though like the subpixel arrangement overall.


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